3d dental x-rayThe most important aspect of personal and professional dental care is prevention. If you can prevent a dental disease from developing, then you can preserve your healthy smile without needing a restorative procedure. When prevention fails (as it often does), the next important step is detection and diagnosis. Before Dr. Kennedy can restore your smile, he has to identify the threat against it. By utilizing digital X-rays over traditional photography-based ones, Dr. Kennedy can gain a clearer picture of your oral health for safer, quicker, and more precise diagnostics.

The Benefits of Digital Radiography

Less exposure

Conventional X-rays have long been a part of diagnostic dentistry, and are considered relatively safe. Nevertheless, patients who are concerned about radiation exposure can find solace in digital X-rays, which produce up to 90% less radiation than film-based X-rays.

Shorter appointments

Convenience is also a major benefit of digital radiography. Instead of having to develop your images like an old photograph, digital X-rays produce instant images that are projected onto a screen or chairside monitor. Dr. Kennedy can show you the state of your dental health, explain the dangers of neglecting treatment, and then describe how an appropriate procedure can solve the problem, all in less time than it would take to fully develop a photographic X-ray.

Clearer images

The difference in clarity between digital and traditional X-rays is like the difference between a picture taken with a digital camera and one captured with a Kodak disposable camera. Both X-ray technologies can show you what the eye can’t see, but digital images are crystal clear for a more precise picture. Also, Dr. Kennedy can adjust the digital image for brightness, contrast, and color to better see small cavities and other discreet signs of trouble. You can even take a hard copy of your images home while you consider an appropriate course of treatment.

More convenient dental records

If your dental health issue is severe enough to require the attention of a specialist, then your digital X-rays will make it simpler to transfer your dental records to the specialist’s office. By eliminating the need to mail dental records, you can seek the treatment you need faster and easier.

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